Site Selection Services

Whether you’re considering a relocation, consolidation, or expansion, decisions regarding the best location can be critical and involve a number of factors that directly influence your ability to operate effectively and cost efficiently over time.

Be it a headquarters office, call center, manufacturing operation, or data center, the decision criteria, as well as their relative importance, vary greatly from one project to another, and from one company to another.   With deep national and international experience in both corporate and consulting environments, our team will tailor our proven methodology to reflect your unique expectations and meet your timeline requirements.

Our approach involves evaluating the alternatives using both qualitative and quantitative comparisons in order to provide you with all the data you need to make informed location decisions and minimize the chance of any surprises once you get there.  In order to increase the integrity of our data, we gather and compare market intelligence from various sources including public and professional suppliers as well as from companies actually operating in the locations of interest.